The Digital World and everything in it is made out of data, so needless to say it is able to change as the data that constructs it changes.

This version of the world is built up from ten different types of data, each pertaining to a certain element: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Electricity, Wood, Metal, Ice, Light and Darkness. There was a time when the elements were much more distinct, but now they've spread throughout the world and most of the inhabiting Digimon contain a mix of element types.

This Digital World consists of one large continent and several smaller ones, surrounded by a vast, global ocean. The story primarily takes place on the main continent, which is in turn split into several distinct regions. Click the map to see each location.

  • Crystal Forest - A forest alongside the west coast, containing trees with strange, crystalline leaves.
  • Grassland - A savannah area covering the south-west region of the main continent.
  • Stone Halo Range - A mountain range that rings the whole world, cutting through the main continent.
  • Painted Woods - A strange, balmy area directly next to the mountain range, where the forest is lush and free of the Fire Kingdom's purge.
  • Wastegrounds - Taking up most of the continent, these barren wastelands mark the Fire Kingdom's purge. Grey, dusty and lifeless, very few can survive here for very long.
  • Silicon City - An oasis in the wastegrounds, and one of the last places holding out against the Fire Kingdom. Protected by an anti-flight field, vast Chrome-Digizoid walls and the Homemade Army, the citizens here live a simple, but mostly safe, life, fully aware of the dangers outside.
  • Global Ocean - Taking up most of the surface of the world and blocking access to the other continents, this vast ocean used to be teeming with life, but has since become empty and desolate.
  • Northern Tribes - A group of buildings and villages scattered across the ice sheets of the north, overseen by a select few royal families.
  • The Spokes - A huge network of cities, roads and districts stretching out from Silicon City, both above ground and under it. It's changed rulers and governments countless times but is now devoid of citizens, overrun as it was by the Fire Kingdom.
  • Southern Daggers - A group of ragged cliffs on the south coast, where the landscape is treacherous, the sea is rough and the spiky pillars have claimed hundreds of lives.
  • Infernal Fortress - Data not available