Name Origin

Velociraptor, a small predatory dinosaur.


Metal Empire














A born soldier and raised as a leader, Velocimon has been fighting for most of his entire life, and was one of the first to lead the counter-attack against Surtremonís forces. Heís a natural strategist, but he prefers to skip the formalities and just enter the battle himself, relying on his own skills and experience to see him through. As such he hates losing, and gets very frustrated when heís forced to retreat, or if something gets in his way. He also doesnít deal with the unexpected particularly well.

Whether in battle or outside it, Velocimon maintains a professional, calculating attitude. He doesnít believe in sugar-coating his words; if he feels somethingís wrong, heíll tell it like it is. This, combined with his cold logic, can often make him come off as heartless, but his hard exterior isnít intentional; itís just the way he is. He often gets irritated with others (particularly Perimon), is particularly stubborn when it comes to getting his own way, and while he does have a sense of humour, it often manifests itself as condescending comments at the expense of those around him.

Despite this, he is unbelievably loyal and will always come through for those who need it. He dutifully protects the weak and will take it upon himself to support them and make them grow stronger. Although he often disagrees with his partner, he does respect him, and endeavours to help him take on the challenges of leading the group to victory.


  • Spark Shooter - Velocimon points both his arms forward and releases a volley of sparks from the guns on his hands.
  • Quick Slash - Velocimonís claws and tail blade glow and he runs at the enemy. Jumping and spinning, he delivers a powerful slash.


Velocimon is very athletic and has incredible senses and reflexes; in particular he subconsciously surrounds himself in an electric field which allows him to sense disturbances around him, almost like a shark. His armour is composed of a carbon-Digizoid alloy, which makes it light yet surprisingly tough, as well as able to conduct the many volts of electricity that courses through his body. His battle style is clean, precise and calculated; always aiming for the most vulnerable area and, most importantly, staying on the move at all times.