Name Origin

Trilobite, a prehistoric arthropod resembling a woodlouse.


Jungle Troopers














The youngest of the Digimon group at scarcely more than a few months old, Trilomon hasnít known a moment in his life when he hasnít been surrounded by war. He has an extremely nervous disposition and is easily embarrassed around others; heíll often need to be prompted to speak up in a conversation. He is not assertive in the slightest, and he hates conflict; shying away from disagreements and often being overly apologetic (even if he hasnít done anything). Despite his nerves however heís incredibly kind-hearted, and is always willing to lend a listening ear.

A true child at heart, Trilomon is inanely curious and loves to observe new things. In particular he finds Kent, and the human world in general, quite fascinating, and he could spend a lifetime asking his partner all about the real world. On the surface he can seem very admiring of Kent, which he is, but Trilomon is also wise beyond his years, and if his partner is going through turmoil, he usually takes it upon himself to help resolve the boyís troubled mind.

Trilomonís young mind is quite the little box of surprises; heís shrewd, observant, clever, keen to experiment and happy to take risks, even dangerous ones, but heís far from reckless. Being so quiet, heís always watching and listening for new information, and can often solve a problem long before anybody else can. Despite this, he lacks confidence in his own abilities and will often keep answers to himself, which is a shame; when he does finally speak up, what he has to say can often be very useful indeed.


  • Rolling Blade - Trilomon launches himself from the ground and rolls up into a spinning ball of sharpened armour. He then crashes into the opponent.
  • Shell Sword - Trilomonís front claws extend and sharpen, allowing him to hack and stab at his opponent.


Trilomon's armour plating is incredibly intricate; each segment slides between the others with barely a noise, giving Trilomon surprisingly flexibility and dexterity, although his claws tend to make him slip on smooth surfaces. He is also a master digger, using his shifting armour almost like an auger to burrow through tough ground. Much like his pre-evolution, he can detect vibrations by pressing his head to the ground; using this he can detect movement up to half a kilometre away, and even detect fractures deep within solid rock.