Evolution is the process by which a Digimon grows in power. They generally follow six stages of life, and evolve gradually during their lifetime by absorbing the data around them.

However, a Digimon partnered with a human is able to evolve at will, for a short time, thanks to the transfer of energy between the human and their Digimon. This usually requires a digivice and a strong emotional link, but a Digimon can attain huge levels of power this way.

The six elemental warriors have a particularly strong link with their partners; they're not only bound by spirit but also by the raw power of the elements that they wield together. It is through this link that energy can travel and allow the Digimon partners to evolve.

The elements allow each pair or partners to unlock various types of evolution:

  • Primal Control - Via a strong emotional link, the human transfers their inner power over to their partner, allowing them to reach Champion level. This is the default combat form for the partner Digimon, with heightened battle skills and power, but it isn't always sufficient against stronger opponents.
  • Primal Fury - The energy channel is opened completely, allowing the Digimon partner access to the entirity of the human's energy. This allows them to reach incredibly powerful Ultimate forms, but it's a hard work on both tamer and Digimon to hold this form for very long, and the size and build of these forms can sometimes be impractical.
  • Soul Control - The data flow is reversed, allowing the tamer to draw energy from their partner and evolve into an enhanced form. This combination of real world and digital world is unstable, and while the tamer can achieve great power that surpasses that of a regular Champion, it does put extra stress on them both physically and emotionally, and can even make them lose control, severing all connection with their partner.
  • Soul Fury - The tamer takes on the entire energy of the elemental link, warping their bodies into immensely powerful forms. They can unleash deadly attacks and abilities that surpass those of the Primal forms, but the unstable connection between the pure Digital data and the human body means they cannot remain in these forms for long, and even then they can suffer great harm due to the overpowering nature of the elements themselves.
  • Nexus Fury - The merging of two souls, with the power of the raw element coursing between them. Far more controlled than any prior form, this pure channel of the element is devastatingly powerful, though the souls' connection must be incredibly strong to reach this mythical level.