Full Name

Kai MacLaurin



Hair Colour

Very Dark Brown

Eye Colour

Ice Blue








Kai is a loner; quiet and somewhat antisocial. He can usually be seen tagging along behind everybody else; always keeping up with them, but rarely talking with them. When he does pipe up, he's very blunt, and often shows a snide sense of humour. He can hold a conversation if he’s spoken to, but he prefers to stay away from the group with only Colchimon for company.

He has a tendency to bottle his problems. If he has an issue, he tries to solve it on his own, and gets easily frustrated when others interfere, although he rarely raises his voice. However if others are in danger he will always step in at the last moment, and try and direct the enemy’s attention to him. He never begins a battle, but he never holds back for too long. He goes all out when attacking, and can sometimes go too far.

Although Kai may seem uncaring and distant, he does in fact worry about the others a lot, and more importantly he respects them completely. He also has an incredible interest in the Digital World itself, although he often appears to be distracted by something, which becomes particularly evident in conversation. Strange and detached he may be, but Kai has a sense of duty that will keep him fighting to the very end, no matter how difficult it becomes.


  • Geoffrey Price - Uncle
  • Kelly Price - Aunt
  • Maddie Price - Younger Cousin
  • Strachan Price - Younger Cousin
  • Daniel Price - Younger Cousin


  • He's fascinated by old literature and plans on writing a book himself when he's older. He already has several novels planned out.
  • Kai spends most of his time at his computer, playing games or trying to plan out future stories.
  • He likes board games, especially Scrabble, which he's 'annoyingly good at', according to his cousins.
  • When not at home or school, he spends a lot of time down the local gym, usually on the rowing machine or the treadmill.
  • He's had a tamagotchi since he was a child, which he still plays with once in a while.