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Little is known about Neomon or his past exploits, and he prefers it way. At first glance he appears more than a little odd, with a disjointed, repetitive speech pattern and childish mannerisms, but further glances will reveal a surprisingly sweet Digimon who's often willing to offer his help, seemingly for free. No matter how shady the business, he'll take the problem on in a flash; he's fast, efficient and will never ask questions, making him the perfect workhorse.

In truth, however, Neomon is a major opportunist, leeching off of those around him in order to accomplish his own goals. Despite his crazy outward persona he has an incredible intelligence and a devious streak, constantly observing those he's close to as he figures a way to take them down and steal their thunder. He's happy to wait, and when his 'colleagues' no longer serve their purpose, they will find themselves removed from the equation without a second thought.


  • Neon Matrix - Neomon ensnares his opponents with green wiring from the orbs on his body, and can also converge the wires into a single, deadly shot, often deleting them.
  • Triple Threat - Neomon splits into three identical clones and rushes at his enemies with flailing claws.
  • Inner Sanctum - Neomon's mouths open, revealing dark, gaseous hands that reach out and grab his opponent, pulling them inside his body and imprisoning them.
  • Neon Blur - Neomon dashes around his enemies at an impossibly fast speed, leaving streaks of multicoloured light as he uses his claws to slice them to ribbons.


Neomon's stitched-up body is animated by a mysterious energy, which expels itself in colourful trails. As a result of being pretty much a coporeal puppet his movements are often disjointed and unnatural, twisting his body into odd contortions, but on the plus side this allows him to perform great and disturbing feats of athleticism and speed, as well as limited teleportation.

Neomon was an entry in the Digimon Inferno Design-a-Villain contest; the original character and design is owned by Inakamon.