Name Origin

Perigrine falcon, a bird of prey.


Wind Guardians














Perimon is bold, brash and boisterous. Not humble in the slightest, he is constantly showing off and yelling about how awesome he is. It’s not without cause though; he is actually an incredibly skilled flyer, and is physically one of the stronger fighters on the team. His constant reminding the others of this can be a little wearing though, especially to Velocimon.

He does have a gentler side as well, although he wouldn’t admit it (particularly not to Velocimon, who he actually regards as a close friend, even though the two bicker like an old couple). He loves spending time with his partner, who’s just as fun-loving as he is, and will often spend time with him just mucking around. While he supports Jack in his decisions, he always keeps an eye on him, as like Grace he recognises when Jack is pushing himself too hard.

However, when the situation changes for the worse, Perimon’s attitude changes dramatically. Dropping his jokey persona (for the most part) he will focus entirely on what he is supposed to be doing and refuses to give up. He’s been through much with Velocimon, including the loss of most of their comrades, but unlike the dinosaur he feels unbelievably guilty about them. As such he fights extremely hard, even savagely, when provoked. His tendency to get very emotionally involved in his fights can lead to him taking dangerous, often life-threatening risks, but despite this he’s usually able to pull through. Brave and willing to do anything to protect his friends, Perimon is a great soldier and an even better companion.


  • Wind Tunnel - Perimon releases a column of wind from his beak, which is strong enough to move surprisingly heavy Digimon.
  • Barrel Drive - Perimon speeds towards an opponent while spinning, slamming his body into them with massive force.


The armour he wears is not actually designed for battle purposes; by providing a firm structure, it allows him to reach subsonic speeds with little risk of injury, as well as pull off incredibly stunts. Suited for the air as he is, he is somewhat ungainly on the land, preferring to perch atop a tree or building than on the ground.