Name Origin

Dai (Japanese for great, also corruption of die, plural of dice), gamble and blast.


Nightmare Soldiers, Unknown


Mineral Devil








Daigambilastmon is just as flamboyant as his appearance would suggest; he loves a good performance and relishes any chance he can get to show off his skills, having not had much of a chance to practise with them before. He's energetic and can be a bit clumsy, but he really does have the deadly skills to back up his big words.

Despite his flashy nature, he prefers to work alone, trusting in his own abilities rather than relying on others. He's completely self-serving and holds no loyalties, but he does have a sense of pride and honour; never picking on the defenseless and always willing to give others a chance to impress him; if they manage to do so, they might be able to swing his temporary allegiance.


  • Scythe 'n' Dice - Daigambilastmon uses his shadowy tendrils to bind the enemy, while the dice pattern on his chest flashes different numbers. When it lands, the shadow-matter forms blades that rip into his opponents. The number it lands on determines the form the attack will take.
  • Roulette Destiny - Daigambilastmon points his gun-barrel fingers at his enemies and fires random projectiles. Even the demon himself has no clue what he'll end up firing.
  • Coffin Suplex - Daigambilastmon contorts his body and latches onto his opponent and fires shadow-matter from his mouth and shoulder blades; the blast can either be an acrid, blinding smog, or a storm of jagged crystals.
  • Ace in the Hole - Daigambilastmon's armour leaves his corporeal form and latches onto his enemy and self-destructs, leaving a coating of shadow-matter that eats away at his opponent's flesh.


Daigambilastmon's body is a veritable box of tricks - his armour contains many armaments and much ammunition, and in addition he can morph his fluid form into any shape, size and weapon, but for general purposes he stays within his armoured body. The power of his attacks, as well as his athleticism and melee abilities, is dependent on the amount of plasma he utilizes at any one time.

Daigambilastmon was the runner up in the Digimon Inferno Design-a-Villain contest; the original character and design is owned by SeriesArtiststarter.