Full Name

Jack Gallant



Hair Colour


Eye Colour

Aqua Blue








Jack is constantly grinning; he finds fun in nearly every part of the Digital world. He’s easily excitable and often jokes around, sometimes at inappropriate moments. He has a reckless streak and a rebellious side, and he doesn’t always think before he acts. However he is able to focus when he really needs to, although he tends to sulk if he has to do something he doesn’t want to.

Jack particularly enjoys helping out and training with the others, but often feels he's cast aside as an inexperienced kid. It doesn’t help that he had a leg injury when he was very young, which can lead to his knee slipping out of place. Because of this he tries to keep up with everybody else, just to prove he’s not weak, which can sometimes lead to him getting into trouble. While he’d never admit it, he is actually secretly afraid that his defect means he’ll never win at anything.

Much like his sister, Jack is unwilling to ask for help if something is bothering him. However, he is very friendly with people, and likes to cheer everybody up when the group is at their lowest. Being the youngest of the group, he doesn’t always understand the situation completely, even if he thinks he does, and it’s usually up to Perimon to talk him through. However, as much as Jack gets scared about the Digital world and his own weaknesses, he will always smile and try to succeed in every situation.


  • Paul Gallant - Father
  • Jade Gallant - Mother
  • Grace Gallant - Older Sister


  • Due to his injury, Jack doesn't play much sport, but he does enjoy going for short bike rides now and again.
  • He likes his comics and superheroes, and often tries his hand at drawing his own.
  • He likes trains and aeroplanes, although he's never actually flown.
  • His favourite foods are gummy sweets, although too many and he tends to get very very excited.
  • He's a fan of scary movies, although his parents don't allow him to watch them at home. He usually sees them over at his friends' houses.