Name Origin

Cephalopod, class of molluscs that include squid and octopi.


Deep Savers










One of Surtremon’s three high Commanders, Cephalomon is huge, imposing and aggressive. While a valued part of the army and an excellent strategist, he’s often the most distant of the three, often patrolling the ocean on his own looking for suitable prey. If the situation requires it, he can call upon the full power of the Fire Forces to carry out his elaborate plans, but generally he’d prefer to do it all himself.

Cephalomon doesn’t talk with the other Commanders much, and prefers to do his own thing. This is partly due to his size; he completely dwarfs them, and he also feels Rinkhalmon is slightly…not well. His closest comrade by far is Martyaxmon, with whom he shares history. Even so, he’s very commanding and will always try to take control of a situation, not always considering all the consequences.

He holds grudges for a long time, and if he is deterred from an attack, he will wait for the right moment then come back and finish the act. He doesn’t like to sit around doing nothing, and he gets very impatient. He is very quick to anger, but he rarely becomes blinded by rage. In fact he is a quick thinker and often blocks off any exits, ensuring that his quarry cannot escape.


  • Tentacle Blaze - Cephalomon lifts his tentacles and charges them up, releasing fireballs at his opponents. They have immense power, but he needs to be on at least four of his tentacles to stay balanced while using them.
  • Flaming Circle - Cephalomon releases a flame aura from his arms, which spreads into a huge circle of fire, preventing his opponents from escaping.


Cephalomon's immense size and weight make him incredibly slow and cumbersome on land, but in the water it's a different story, as he's able to move at incredible speed and launch vicious attacks from below. He has no skeleton, which allow him a surprising flexibility, but does make him susceptable to wounds.