Name Origin

Surtr, the fire demon in Norse mythology who eventually ends the world


Dragon's Roar, Metal Empire


Divine Giant








Surtremon has been General and governor over the Fire Kingdom for over two hundred years, and his experience and expertise in the ancient ways of war make him a formidable and highly intelligent opponent. Usually keeping to himself, he puts his trust in those around him to get results. However if this fails, he will step up to the front line himself and coordinate his people with the utmost care and precision.

He is very slow to anger and is remarkably calm and respectful, even towards his opponents. However he is no pushover; he has an incredible resolve, following his convictions to the end. He prefers not to resort to conflict but also recognises its necessity, thus he has the tendency of taking personal responsibility for those he hurts, even indirectly. His focus remains purely on the greater good, and he feels that if he at least acknowledges and holds the memories of those who wholeheartedly stand against him, then their purpose is not wasted.

All this makes Surtremon very respectful and far more forgiving than expected, particularly towards his own subordinates. He has utmost faith in his Commanders and even holds a soft spot for the humans threatening to dethrone him and halt his crusade.


  • Dante's Maelstrom - Surtremon swings Logi, unleashing a hellish barrage of fire and light that obliterates all in its path.
  • Devouring Wisp - Surtremon strikes the ground with Logi and leaves it standing, where it releases a cloud of acrid, living flame that smothers, burns and asphixiates all it comes into contact with. It can travel up to fifty metres from the strike point, but will disappear if Logi is removed.
  • Star of Muspell - Surtremon creates a barrier of light that absorbs all incoming attacks, storing their energy. He can use the stored energy to increase his own strength, speed or endurance, or he can release the energy in a blinding shockwave.


Surtremon is unique among the pure Digimon in that he keeps the very element of Fire embedded in his chest, sealed with an ancient power. The exact reason is unknown, but he holds it due to events from the distant past, and will protect it with his own life. His great sword carries the name Logi, the eternal devourer, and is so vast and dangerous in its raw power that even the mighty Surtremon requires two hands to wield it.