Name Origin

Rinkhal, a genus of snakes, similar to cobra, that spit venom.


Nightmare Soldiers, Jungle Troopers


Snake Man








Rinkhalmon is...not normal. At least, that's the opinion that everybody holds of him; friends and enemies alike. He has a polite demeanour and an irritatingly friendly attitude , and it's almost impossible to make him lose his temper. He's usually cracking inappropriate comments that get him into trouble more often than not, but his silver tongue and slippery, athletic body can usually save his scaly skin. He also has a tendency to give people nicknames. "Marty" is particularly annoyed by this habit.

He is easily the most secretive of the Commanders, and is the mind behind all the hellish devices at their disposal. He's highly intelligent and is a master of psychology and biology, but this is countered by a laid-back attitude towards his work and everything else. Even during the middle of a battle, he'll often lose interest halfway through and just walk away.

There is one and only one thing that will excite Rinkhalmon to the point of mania, and that is the unknown and mysterious. As such he takes a disturbingly keen interest in the tamers and the power that they hold.


  • Incineration Soul - Rinkhalmon opens up his clay soul-jar, and uses the souls of his previous victims to power up his claws and weapons with green fire. Very occasionally he can go one step further; if the opponent is weak enough, he can rip their soul out and store it inside the jar forever.
  • Malign Gambit - Rinkhalmon strikes his enemies with a random combination of needles and short blades from his body. They contain a multitude of poisons with varying effects, such as hallucination, increased or decreased speed or power, temporary muteness or losing movement in a limb. This attack is completely random and occasionally may help the opponent as opposed to hindering them.
  • Venom Arc - Rinkhalmon's curved blade glows with acidic venom and he slashes wildly at his opponent, the blade taking great chunks out of them and the venom burning away deeper.


Each of Rinkhalmon's little trinkets and weapons he fashions himself, right down to the individual poisons they contain. Much like a true snake he has an expandable jaw, as well as infrared vision that allows him to locate anyone nearby, through any surface, no matter how well they've hidden themselves.