A Note from the Author

Back in the summer of 2012, an 18 year old English dweeb sat at a computer and began planning out the story for a full-length Digimon FDD fanseries. In hindsight, this was probably a mistake.

But here we are, and now the fanseries, or at least that first story, has reached its conclusion. Digimon Inferno took four and a half years to complete and it has wrung me through the mangle as both an artist and a writer. But at the end of the day, I’m immensely proud to have gotten this far, and despite all the hiccups and logical no-nos throughout the story and a few things I wish I had done differently, this will always remain as my baby and I will always love it.

All 54 episodes are available, with new and updated illustrations (it’s your call as to whether they’re an improvement over the original) and maybe one or two little plot-hole fixes here and there.

The story is rated T (Teen) for moderate violence, language and a couple of occasions of strong language.

Take your time, and have a browse through the story. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.