Full Name

Eloise Young



Hair Colour


Eye Colour

Sea Green








Eloise is easily the most level-headed of the group, with good reason; she's always trying to watch out for other people. With two younger children in the group, as well as the disturbed Kai, the outsider Kent and the often unpredictable Aaron, she sometimes feels as if she’s the only sane person around. As such, she takes it upon herself to ensure the group’s safety, which can make her seem a bit like a nagging mother at times.

Eloise is incredibly sensitive to the others’ feelings, and will almost always be the first one to start an argument. She doesn’t do it out of spite; she’s just very opinionated and very verbal, believing that they should avoid fighting as much as they possibly can. Despite her nagging tendencies though, Eloise is highly sociable and is very quick to make friends. She is also incredibly trusting, but she will take it personally if that trust is broken.

Eloise is always one to question. If she doesn’t understand something, she will say so and wait patiently until she understands completely. She’s not unintelligent, but she prefers to know exactly what she’s doing at any given time. She is particularly interested, and a more than a little worried, by the power of Light she wields, and why she was chosen to wield it in the first place, sometimes seeing it more as a burden than a power for her to command. Still, she does what she can to help, and is more determined than anyone in the group to get them all home safely.


  • Jack Elliot - Stepfather
  • Connie Elliot - Mother


  • She's part of the badminton team at school and has competed in several tournaments.
  • She is a keen gamer and owns (in her own words) an embarrasingly large collection of consoles and games.
  • Her favourite movies are action thrillers, although she hides her eyes at the sight of gore.
  • While she's fine with heights, spiders and snakes, she has a secret phobia of frogs.
  • She keeps a collection of old soft toys in her wardrobe. The collection is currently several dozen strong.