The D-Nexus is the device which allows the humans to integrate and interact with the Digital World. They were formed from the elements when the humans first arrived, and they serve as the elemental link between the humans and their Digimon partners.

The D-Nexus is small, but very useful, sporting many features:

  • Interactive 3D map of the Digital World
  • Smaller birdseye map of the surrounding area, with radar to detect other D-Nexus's
  • Digimon database that automatically updates with new information when scanning a Digimon, with holographic image
  • Statistics screen of partner Digimon, including health level, power level and energy transfer meter

On top of this, the D-Nexus is the main interface by which the humans can evolve their partners. It also has a few hidden functions, such as the ability to contact partners (and a few allies) from a distance.