Name Origin

Kwahn, or Silver Fox, creator god for many Native American tribes in North California.


Nature Spirits


Divine Beast








The matriarch of the southern sector of the Northern Tribes and Vulpimon's mother, Kwanmon is wise and experienced. While her physical power is past its prime, she is a powerful mage and has taught her daughter how to guard and utilise the element of Ice; a traditional duty for her and her kind.

Due to her age and status she can be a bit of a typical stick-in-the-mud, and tries to avoid conflict whenever it is possible, for better or for worse. Still, she's a kindly soul and is willing to help with any request, no matter how small.


  • Borealis Blade - Kwanmon utilises her icy power to create solid weapons, usually swords of some kind, and wields them with great skill to disable her opponents.
  • Argent Fire - Kwanmon summons silvery ribbons of ice from her fingertips, which she can use to freeze opponents and objects instantaneously.
  • Glacial Shift - Kwanmon reconsitutes the molecules in solid ice, allowing her to change its shape and size to fit her purposes, either to fight, to destroy, or to repair.


Due to hundreds of generations of guarding the element, Kwanmon is a master of manipulating ice. Her sight is poor, but her other senses are heightened and she is so in tune with her element that she can detect changes in water droplets up to one-hundred metres away. A Kwanmon's attire is a symbol of status and clan; every individual is different.